Women colliding with Jesus

to experience authenticity, wholeness, and purpose.

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Teaching and inspiration from women making a huge impact in the world as they tap into God’s purpose for their life in the sectors and spaces they’ve been called to.

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A bit about us.

What began as one woman’s story of colliding with Jesus in the midst of her brokenness has grown into a movement of thousands of women who are daring to believe that God meets us in our pain and and uses it to meet others in theirs. We invited a few friends who invited a few friends, and we’ve seen it firsthand- the more we collide with Jesus, the more we experience what we’re running after: authenticity, wholeness, and purpose. We invite you, in your story of beauty and brokenness, to walk alongside us in ours. As we collide and are changed, together we’ll change lives.

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Let’s start colliding

We create spaces, conversations and gatherings for everyday chicks to collide with Jesus.

Collision Stories

Check out these inspirational stories of women are running into Jesus and being transformed.

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