You’re Invited to Be a Part of The Movement

We need your time, sweat and talents. We need web developers, writers, cooks and prayer warriors. We need business strategists, visionaries, videographers and artists. From serving as a behind-the-scenes gal at our conferences to leading a Bible study of peers, to baking cookies for the life-changing classes Collide hosts, there are countless ways to use your unique gifts as a part of the larger movement. When we join our talents and passions, we as a collective have the ability to impact lives and impart change in ways that are not possible on our own. So we invite you to serve alongside us…

Here are a few specific ways you can serve:

Sign up to volunteer at our next Collide Conference!

Help with inventory, stocking or display of our Collide Store.

Help with admin projects at the Collide office.

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I wasn’t sure there would be a place for me to serve after my divorce. But, God is not only using me, but a whole bunch of women for his glory. I’m grateful to be able to help and see how God is showing up and creating spaces where women feel welcomed and loved. It changed my life and it’s changing my friends lives too.

Beth Henry Conference Planning Team

Being on the ministry team has given me crazy amounts of support and encouragement through valued friendships. Serving together has strengthened my faith, plus has been tons of fun!

Diane Reardanz Conference Planning Team

He uses me with all my imperfections and mistakes I have made, even in times I didn’t feel I was good enough. I wanted to be involved, learn from and get to know these women who put on the [Collide] events and be apart of this village of perfect imperfect people.

Michelle Elston Conference Planning Team

Coming to the Collide events and volunteering with all these amazing women has helped to remind me that God has a wonderful plan for my life and if I just lean into Him instead of constantly worrying about my future, He won’t lead me astray.

Megan Gill Volunteer

Ways To Get Involved

Conference Planning Team

We’re excited to invite you to apply for the Collide Conference Planning Team! This diverse volunteer team is made up of women from various backgrounds and churches, collaborating to make space for women to encounter Jesus.  As we witness God’s transformative power at each event, we get a front row seat to the life change that happens. If you’re ready to deepen your involvement and share your gifts, consider joining us for a year of study and service (September through June) as we plan, dream, and serve together to create impactful conferences. Let’s collide with Jesus together and impact lives!

Applications are closed for 2024-2025. Please check back in May 2024 to apply for next year!

Volunteer Support

If you desire to serve on occasion, we have countless big and small ways that fit your skills, giftings, passion and availability. Like to write, take pictures, act, sing, organize, craft, cook, make videos? Other? We invite you to jump in by simply filling out the form and we’ll be in touch.

Join us in Prayer

We would love for you to join us in prayer! We thank God for the impact He is making through Collide and we are so grateful. Please pray over our ministry, our staff, and God’s continued leading and provision to help us continue to change lives in Jesus’ name!

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