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Elise H.

Collisions - Elise Aylward


Program: Wholeness and Counseling

We’d love to introduce you to one of those women, Elise, and share a piece of her story of colliding with Jesus.

During a difficult season of deep emotional and spiritual hardship after experiencing relationship trauma, I felt confused and paralyzed. I couldn’t act like myself – how God created me to be – because I had forgotten how. God led me to reach out for counseling and mentoring information from Collide, connecting me with a wonderfully skilled counselor and a gracious, God-fearing woman to learn from during a time when I needed help the most. The counseling and mentoring programs provided a platform for me to come back to life in my own skin again. I am exceedingly grateful for these Collide programs and to the people who support them.

One of our favorite things in the world is the diversity of stories we get to hear about how God meets individual people in deeply personal ways. We’d love to hear your story of colliding with Jesus, too! Tell us all about it at