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Sherae Tillis


Program: Conferences

We’d love to introduce you to one of those women, Sherae, and share a piece of her story of colliding with Jesus.

When I joined the Collide [ministry] team I was hesitant and carrying a lot of shame. The year before I joined the team had been pretty difficult for me. I had been carrying a lot of trauma wounds and continued to believe lies that I had to be perfect, unemotional, and put together in order to be loved and accepted. I couldn’t keep it all together anymore. Collide showed me the truth and I’ve been stepping into new places of healing. I ran into an amazing group of women who were authentic and vulnerable about their wounds, reminding me that God’s love is unchanging. I’m so grateful for this amazing ministry and the way it has been drawing me back into God’s love and empowering me to get back up.

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