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Skylar Roberts

Collisions - Skylar Roberts


Program: Conferences

We’d love to introduce you to one of those women, Skyler, and share a piece of her story of colliding with Jesus.

I was treading water. I was carrying shame, pain, brokenness and masking the reality of my heart. I was battling past sexual assault trauma, postpartum depression and a broken marriage. I was hiding, but Collide was a starting place, a safe zone from underneath the bed. It was a room full of women of all generations choosing to see Christ in their pain, to seek Him and to be vulnerable with each other and with themselves. In the middle of my trials, I showed up to a Collide event and discovered what was holding me back… I started the process of reclaiming my value as a woman of God. I realize now, that these trials, this pain- it was God breaking my soul to mend what I had tried to heal myself.

One of our favorite things in the world is the diversity of stories we get to hear about how God meets individual people in deeply personal ways. We’d love to hear your story of colliding with Jesus, too! Tell us all about it at