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Diane Reardanz


Program: Collide Ministry Team

At Collide, we believe that God uses every day women to do amazing things. He meets us exactly where we’re at – in our doubt, our monotonous routines, our pain, our apathy, and our mess – and collides with us in a way that leaves us forever changed. We’ve been amazed as He’s redeemed our brokenness and empowered women in our community and beyond to walk in confidence of their identity as beloved daughters.

We’d love to introduce you to one of those women, Diane, and share a piece of her story of colliding with Jesus.

Collide has taught me the value of caring for others in both the big and the small, and helped me to realize when we are cared for, myself included, we are then able to love better. Being on the ministry team has given me crazy amounts of support and encouragement through valued friendships. Serving together has strengthened my faith, plus has been tons of fun! The people and experiences of Collide can ‘fill our buckets’ with goodness and then makes us more capable to have that goodness spill out onto others.

One of our favorite things in the world is the diversity of stories we get to hear about how God meets individual people in deeply personal ways. We’d love to hear your story of colliding with Jesus, too! Tell us all about it at