Getting Unstuck

Be Unleashed Into the Life You Desire

It’s so easy to get stuck. We can get stuck in addiction, unhealthy relationships and feelings of powerlessness. We can get stuck praying a million prayers and not seeing them answered. We can get stuck in negativity, bitterness, and bad attitudes. We can get stuck in apathy, mediocrity and giving up on our dreams. Some of us get stuck in envy, some in self harm, some in blaming God, others in blaming self. Sometimes life feels so much like it’s at a standstill, not moving, not changing in the ways we hope it would. We here at Collide have seen God get countless women’s lives unstuck. And we cannot wait to see Him do that in your life! So we have crafted tools, exercises, reflections, and more to help you in your place of feeling stuck because we know there is more waiting for you.


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