FREE Getting Unstuck: A Reflection to Help Unleash You into the Life You Desire

Women in every city, every socioeconomic background, every race, every religion, every season and age in life get stuck. We get stuck in unhealthy relationships, patterns and habits. We get stuck in attitudes, moods and mindsets. We get stuck believing lies, settling for less than we deserve and shrinking back rather than owning who we can become. We get stuck assuming things about God and about others. There are so many ways we get stuck. But we don’t have to stay there. In fact, God wants to get us unstuck so that we can live the lives we were made to live!

This FREE downloadable has been created to help you recognize why you might be stuck. We’ve laid out 10 of the ways women often get stuck along with reflection questions to help you locate which of these ways resonate with you. Once you’ve identified the ways you get stuck, the reflection will lead you to spend some time ruminating on the Scriptures that are provided. We are confident you will find comfort and inspiration from God’s word as you discover a God who desires for us to be unstuck, freed up and fully alive!

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Getting Unstuck

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