5 Week Guide to Manage Your Anxiety

We were actually living in what some were calling the “Anxiety Culture.” And then a global, national and for many, a personal crisis hit us. Fear, worry, panic, even hysteria currently surround us. What is concerning is that we were already a people who worry and stress before a pandemic hit.

In general, we worry as daughters, mothers and grandmothers. We worry as sons, fathers and grandfathers. We’re getting gray hairs because we’re nervous Nellies. We’re taking chill pills because we’re worried sick. We’re stress cases with stress balls. We have economic anxiety, political anxiety, financial anxiety, hormonal anxiety, relational anxiety and physical anxiety. We worry about paying the bills. We worry about the job we have and keeping it to pay the bills. We worry about getting sick. We worry about helping the sick. We worry about failing. We worry about succeeding. We worry about getting too much attention. We worry about not getting any attention. We worry about getting into school. We worry about getting out of school. We worry about being late. We worry about being too early. We worry about getting a date. We worry about getting out of dates. We worry about getting married and we get married and worry about getting divorced, then we worry about getting married again. We worry our dreams won’t come true, and we worry that they will.

We worried as it were and now many of us worry even more. Here at Collide we want to bring relief to your worry and stress. We wholeheartedly believe that God cares about our anxiety and worry and wants for us peace. So we have created for you a 5 Week Guide to Help Manage Your Anxiety. We have gathered advice from five counselors that we highly trust and network with. We have created for you several spiritual and emotional health exercises, reflection spaces and resources with tools to help meet you in your desire for peace and trust in the midst of angst and agony. Our greatest hope is that instead of turning to self numbing, escapism, biting your nails, or hypothesizing the worst case scenarios, you can INSTEAD engage these spiritual practices, make space to walk through some life changing reflection and add these tools to your tool kit. We hope this helps you walk through your current and future circumstances with faith rather than fear and peace rather than worry.

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