anxiety guide workbook

5 Week Guide to Manage Anxiety

We collaborated with five highly-respected mental health professionals and compiled their top advice, exercises, reflections, and resources to come up with one beautifully designed master bundle. This digital guide is jam packed with spiritual and practical tools to add to your tool kit. It is chock-full of wisdom and help to meet you right where you’re at and walk you to where you want to be. Whether you’re struggling with deep anxiety or just feeling a little anxious these days, this guide is for you!

Our greatest hope is that instead of turning to self numbing, escapism, biting your nails, or hypothesizing the worst case scenarios, you can INSTEAD engage these spiritual practices, make space to walk through some life changing reflections and add these tools to your toolkit.

Grab a copy for yourself and send one to your friends or family too. It’s a 37 page, custom designed, full color guide available digitally or printed. We have both a printed option for $15.99 and digital option for $12.99 for these products available in our shop.

Study Length:

5 Weeks


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Printed Materials

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