The Birds & The Lilies Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study for Anxiety

This Bible study for anxiety seeks to counter what some are calling “anxiety culture,” a phenomenon which impacts women across the world.

We worry as daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. We’re getting gray hairs because we’re nervous Nellies. We’re taking chill pills because we’re worried sick. For some of us, one second we can be doing okay and the next a Facebook post sends us into Anxiousville. Worry is a friend to all, stopping by for visits all too often and for some, it has actually moved in and become our roommate. But what if there is another way than worry and anxiety? In this beautifully designed, colorful ten-part Bible study, we will center around the passage in Matthew 6:19-34 where Jesus speaks into worry.

This book contains the full Bible study as well as an appendix with extra content designed to help you lead a 10-week long group study. Each section was created to help your group dig deeper into the study with guided discussion, activities and reflection. As you engage Scripture, read personal stories, and reflect on questions that invite you to new places, you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired by this study.

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