A 20 Day Walk Toward Gratitude

A 20 Day Walk Toward Gratitude is a beautiful guide with 20 daily invitations to enrich your gratitude. Each day includes words of truth about gratitude, and reflective exercises including practical charts, helpful lists, and journaling space. Think of this guide as all-inclusive material to help you engage in authentic gratitude.

As much as we logically KNOW what we have to be grateful for, there are so many things that get in the way of really embracing a spirit of thankfulness. We find that things like complaining, pity parties, comparison, perfectionism, and so much more consistently get in the way of practicing gratitude. Throughout this guide, we walk through each of the enemies of gratitude and learn how to beat them.

We believe without a shadow of a doubt that walking toward gratitude will find you feeling happier, filled with joy, and more deeply connected to your purpose and your Creator. Take a step toward a thankful spirit now.

Study Length:

20 Days


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