6 Places to Go Looking for God

For so many of us, when we go through tough times, when our prayers have not yet been answered, when we see our worst fears coming true, we can have a very hard time finding God. We feel intimidated by the idea. We feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. We feel guilt and shame. We box how to find God into specific things that have been very unhelpful to our faith and our worry. Many of us don’t have a clue where to start to find God and others of us gave up a long time ago. And some of us just need a reset button. So where do we start to look for God?

We’ve created a helpful guide called 6 Places to Go Looking for God. This downloadable will help you look for, find and experience God. The guide lays out 6 places you can experience and find God, and we’re confident that by using it, you will be refreshed in your faith, challenged to grow in your relationship with God and experience God’s presence in new and life giving ways.

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6 Weeks


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