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So many of us have this sense we were meant for more. It’s this feeling we have that there is more for us, more for our calling, more for our relationships, more for our body, more for our purpose, more for our destiny, more. What if it’s true? What if you were meant for more than what you are experiencing right now? When you see Jesus colliding with people in the New Testament, He over and over again invites them into more. More light, more peace, more purpose, more truth, more healing, more love.

Our hope as you walk through this devotional is that you would spend time with Jesus and sense the more He is calling you into right now. This 7 day devotional looks at some collisions where Jesus shows up in someone’s life and says, “Hey, you were meant for more than this.” But we think spending this time with Him will provide space, reflection and prayer so that you can begin to get unstuck in the ways you are settling. We are certain that the more you collide, the more you will be transformed into who you are meant to be.

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