All the Best Devotional

A devotion to choose what’s best in the midst of life’s pressures, demands and distractions.

There are so many experiences calling our name, so many opportunities we could say yes to, so many dreams to chase, and so many relationships to invest in. It’s so easy as women to feel distracted, pulled in one hundred directions and even frantic at times. Does worry keep you up at night? Does stress keep bossing you around? Are you trying to hold everything together and feel like you’re failing? Encounter Jesus in this devotional as He collides with Mary and Martha in Luke 10. In this seven-part study, we will see the invitation Jesus extends to these two women who were both tempted by distractions, worry, comparison, hustle, striving, and more.

We are certain that as you walk through this guided reflection written by a team of amazing women, you will deeply connect with Jesus, gain wonderful insight, experience peace and restoration, and understand more of what Jesus means when He says “she has chosen what is best.”

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7-part devotional


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