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The Collide Counseling Bundle Course

As women, we have diverse stories, experiences and backgrounds, but what we do have in common is the universal experience of walking through pain. We all have baggage, grief, fear, insecurities, disappointment and unmet dreams. At Collide we aren’t afraid of the mess and pain that life inevitably brings (and we don’t think your story has to be defined by the brokenness either). In fact, we enter into pain because we are certain God does too which is why we’re thrilled to offer our first ever online course, The Collide Counseling Bundle. This course will meet you right where you find yourself, whether you’re hungering for peace, inspired to grow, feeling broken inside or needing some practical tools – we’ve packed all the resources, expertise, and support you need into this course.

Because here’s the thing – no matter what you’ve been told (or what stories you tell yourself), God cares about your fears and desires. He cares if you are anxious. He cares about your broken relationships. He cares if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. He cares if you have shame that you can’t let go of. He cares if your people-pleasing is bossing your life around. He cares if your family of origin roles are unhealthy and you don’t know how to reinvent them. What you see through Jesus is that God continually invites people to say yes to healing.

The Counseling Bundle is perfect for you if any one of these statements describe you:

-You crave practical, tangible tips and tools to improve the relationships in your life.

-You want to learn proven strategies to manage and lessen your anxiety.

-You desire to replace the negative thoughts that spin in your head with a grounded truth about who you are.

-You no longer want your past to determine your present. You want to change your story.

-You struggle with accepting and loving your body as it is, and want to cultivate a genuinely healthy self-image.

-You are processing grief or trauma and want to find healing for the path forward.

-You’re juggling the many balls of life’s responsibilities and feel exhausted/afraid you could drop them at any moment and are looking for a sense of calm.

So, what’s inside the online course to address all of these important subjects? Glad you asked!

In the Counseling Bundle, you will receive over seven hours of video content created in collaboration with some amazing mental health counselors. We asked the best of the best to teach on each topic, so when you tune in on any of the sessions, you’re hearing from a therapist who specializes in what you’re working through.

This course is designed to help you not only find healing and hope, but to take steps toward truly thriving. A healthy life and spirituality is possible, and these sessions will help you take actual steps toward the life you desire.

Each video session is taught by a professional, wise, caring counselor, dietician, or career coach. They will tackle tough topics and map out steps toward growth and healing, along with each teacher’s own insights, experience and advice. Sessions include:

  • Toxic Relationships & Setting Healthy Boundaries with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Community Care Pastor at Cornwall Church Randy Pries
  • Advice for Living Out Your Calling & Career with Mark Warren, The Calling Coach
  • How to Cultivate a Positive Body Image with Registered Dietician & Certified Eating Disorder Dietician Sarah Voth
  • 10 Tools to Decrease Anxiety with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Carrie Cochran
  • Navigating Loss & Grief with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Breeze Potts
  • Inviting God into Our Pain with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Kristyn Than
  • Help When Facing Loneliness & Disconnection with Clinical Psychologist Steve Call
  • Self-Care: Why It’s Important & How to Do It with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate Lindsay Anderson
  • Overcoming the Lies We Believe About Ourselves with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Corenia Murphy
  • The Keys to Healing Broken Relationships with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Dawne Grove
  • How to Deal with Baggage From the Past With Licensed Mental Health Counselor Susan Neelley
  • Recognizing Patterns in Our Lives That Aren’t Working with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate Carma Roetcisoender 

In addition to video content, this course comes with 12 individual journals jam-packed with:

  • Reflection & note taking space
  • Infographics
  • Tools for growth
  • Worksheets
  • Scripture for spiritual growth
  • Beautiful printables
  • Guided imagery
  • Goal setting and next steps
  • Prayers for health and wholeness

Plus, each class comes with a specific resource list that includes recommended books, online resources, podcasts and videos.

One of our favorite things about this course is that it allows you to engage with therapeutic resources from home. Cozy up on on your couch, make some tea, set aside distractions, and allow yourself to have some “you time.” You can devour all these courses like you do Netflix binging or you can set a goal to watch one a week like you would if you were going to a weekly counseling session. How fast or how slow you walk through this course is up to you. The goal is not to finish these courses and check them off a list, as much as it is to engage God’s healing for your own life. 

If you’ve got any questions, we’ve got answers. You can find FAQ’s on our Counseling Bundle page or send us an email to

We want as many people to have access to authentic healing and practical resources as possible. The total value of this course is over $1,200, but we are offering 12 teaching sessions with mental health experts and supplemental materials that are included for the price of what sitting with a counselor one time would normally cost – just $99. We are passionate about making mental health accessible, and we are so thrilled to be making the resources for a sustainable healing journey available.  

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  • Tristan Frank says:

    I am looking for resources and help for my niece (16) who is battling anorexia. We live in Stanwood, WA and I would love to encourage her to find faith based help and support from women who have delt with this.