Go Ahead Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study for Empowerment

This Bible study empowers women to experience the extraordinary and Divine in their everyday lives.

So often we want the miracle, we want to see God, we want to be a part of what feels impossible but we are waiting for it to come to us instead of us leaning into it. So many of us desire to live extraordinary lives but often feel so very ordinary. What if experiencing the extraordinary is possible? What if big dreams can come true? This beautifully designed, colorful, 10-part Bible study centers around Matthew 14:22-36 where Jesus miraculously walked on water toward His disciples in a boat. Peter challenged Jesus, saying, “If it’s you, ask me to come and I will.” Jesus said “Come,” encouraging Peter to step out of that boat and walk on water toward Him. Peter moved from experiencing the ordinary to experiencing the extraordinary. You will too as you are challenged and inspired by this collision with Jesus. So many of us are waiting in a boat for something extraordinary to happen in our lives and yet God might be challenging us to step into the impossible and then we will see, with Jesus, it’s possible. As you engage Scripture, Reflection, Prayer and Stories, you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired to go ahead and step out, believing an extraordinary life is waiting for you.

A Leader Guide is included at the end of this study with extra content to help you lead a 12-week long group study. Each section was created to help your group dig deeper into the study with guided discussions, activities and reflection.

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