Battling Envy and Building a Thriving Home with Brooke Sailer

Brooke Sailer smiling in a field wearing a yellow shirt

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately started making a shopping list in your head of all the things you would need to purchase for your own to even begin to measure up? Sometimes, envy can sneak up on us, but other times, it can strike with surprising force as we convince ourselves of our inadequacy as compared to someone else – whether it be their home, their wardrobe, their family, or their career.

Our guest today is the author of the book “(I’m failing at) This Thing Called Home” where she writes her thoughts on how to build a truly thriving home, even when you feel underqualified. Brooke Sailer is an organization expert, teacher, blogger, creative designer, and thoughtful writer and she speaks with us today on the topic of envy. Brooke is just as familiar with the next gal on the pain of envy and how it can hurt both the one experiencing the emotion, but also the woman who is the subject of the envy. You won’t want to miss Brooke and Willow’s insightful dialogue on this relevant topic.

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