A 20 Day Walk Toward Gratitude

We believe without a shadow of a doubt that walking toward gratitude will find you feeling happier, filled with joy, and more deeply connected to your purpose and your Creator. We shaped this guide with twenty daily invitations to walk towards thanksgiving as you reflect, consider, pause, pray and run into Jesus.

Each of the twenty days is filled with quotes, insights, and thoughtful exercises ready to help you cultivate gratitude in your life. And, we dig into what often gets in the way of really embracing a spirit of thankfulness.  You’ll walk through how to replace complaining, jealousy, pity parties, bitterness, perfectionism, and so much more, with a spirit of thankfulness. 

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the pages inside this beautifully designed guide!

Our greatest hope for this gorgeous new guide is that it will enrich your life as it provides a space to reflect, count your blessings, battle the enemies of a thankful spirit, and awaken your heart to the good gifts that surround you.

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