Colliding with Jesus Through the Peaks and Valleys of Motherhood: Advice From the Collide Community

Being a mom means walking through many different seasons – in fact, one day can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster of emotions. From that precious (yet intimidating and exhausting) newborn stage, to the excitement (and challenges) of guiding your kiddos through adolescence, motherhood is an incredibly profound experience that spans both the peaks and valleys of life.

In honor of our free download, 5 Minute Devotions for Moms, we asked some of the mothers in our Collide community to share their wisdom and experience with motherhood that will leave you laughing, relating, and inspired to love on your kids while growing deeper in your faith at the very same time.

“It’s great to carve out a few minutes of quiet time with Jesus and a cup of coffee, but when that isn’t possible, use the quiet moments you have with your child to connect with Jesus. A bedtime prayer with your child may seem so simple or even mundane, but it is still a prayer and you can use those moments as a chance to connect with God yourself, too.” -Christine (daughter, Juniper, 16 months old)

“I became a mom toward the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and finding spiritual growth and connection has been something I have craved, but really difficult to achieve. I don’t have any profound advice, but just a bit of experience at navigating the early days. There are two things I have been able to do. The first is to join a Pod Squad that meets on Zoom. And yes, there have been times I have nursed my baby, or pumped during Bible Study to make it work, but it has been such a blessing. Another thing I started doing was praying during the night time feeds. Since approximately 98.7% of our time (rough estimate) was spent feeding during those early days, we would sit in the quiet and talk to God. Making the time purposeful and meaningful helped me so much to recenter my thinking and calm my heart.” -Naomi (daughter, Elodie, 9 months old)

“If my expectation that connecting with God looks a certain way then my connection will most likely be derailed by my kids. Connecting with God in the busyness of motherhood is loosening my grip, opening my palms and being ready to receive God’s generous gifts in unexpected ways. It’s stepping away from my dishes to watch my kids have a dance party on the trampoline. It’s giving thanks that I have a strong body to keep up with my kids when I’ve hardly slept. It’s taking a deep breath and asking God to join me as I clean up cereal and milk off the carpet. I am learning to see my children as facilitators to my greatest spiritual growth. I am connecting with myself, the good and the ugly, choosing moment by moment to connect with my children and entering into connection with the heart of God.”-Hannah (Nora 11, Jude 6, Olive 3)

“When I discovered that I serve a God who meets me where I’m at, I felt like I was able to connect to Him more deeply. It took me a bit to realize that my relationship didn’t have to look like what it had been pre-motherhood, what others told me it should, or even what it looked like for other moms. He was in it with me and I could connect in new and different ways. Whether it be a worship lullaby session or a desperate plea for rest and peace nursing in the middle of the night. My devotions might look like a book read to my toddler or the repeating of an encouraging verse taped to a bathroom mirror. That was freeing and refreshing to know He was in those trenches with me daily and I could call out or just rest in the peace of knowing He’s there.” -Kelli (Jadyn 19, Kaleb 17)

Our greatest prayer for all the mamas out there is that you would be able to collide with Jesus right in the midst of the beauty and busyness of motherhood. Download our 5 Minute Devotions for Moms right now, FOR FREE, for guided daily moments of intention.

I’d love a copy!

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