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God’s Hands

Jesus doesn’t just say He values you, He takes matters into His own hands to prove it. Let me talk about God’s hands. In more than 200 places the Bible speaks of God’s hand which is always a reference to God’s activity in which He shows Himself mighty in creation and work.

God creates with His hands:

  • God established the Earth with His hand. Isaiah 45:12
  • The Heavens are the work of His hands. Psalm 102:25
  • The rich and the poor, all, are the works of His hands. Job 34:19

God rescues with His hands:

  • God took the Israelites by the hand. Hebrews 8:9
  • God has bared His holy arm to show His salvation. Isaiah 52
  • By a powerful hand the Lord brought you out of slavery Exodus 13:3
  • The Lord your God brought you out of there by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm. Deuteronomy 5:15

God’s hand lacks nothing:

  • Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. Isaiah 59:1
  • Your hand is mighty, your right hand is exalted. Psalm 89:13
  • The works of his hands are truth and justice. All his precepts are sure. Psalm 111:7

God’s hand empowers people:

  • His hand empowers Elijah. 1 Kings 18:46
  • His hand commandeers Ezekiel. Ezekiel 1:3

God’s hand heals people:

  • Jesus touched the sick and they were cured. Luke 4:40
  • Jesus laid hands on a deaf-mute and healed him. Mark 7:32-35
  • Jesus spit on the ground, made mud and with his fingers put it on a blind man’s eyes and restored his sight. John 9:6
  • Jesus healed the epileptic boy and handed him back to his father. Luke 9:42-43
  • Jesus touched a woman who was bent over by a spirit getting her down for decades and she was set free and standing straight in dignity. Luke 13:10-13
  • Jesus touched a leper that no one else would touch and made him clean. Matthew 8:2-3
  • Jesus took a man with dropsy into his hands and healed him. Luke 14:4

These hands who established the heavens and the earth and created you and me, these hands who sculpted the mountains and molded the desserts, the oceans, the rainforests and the glaciers, these hands who made your hands, these hands who made the sparrow and the chameleon, the lily and the rose, the butterfly and the cocoon, these hands who rescued, delivered, and empowered, these hands that hold all power, all truth and all might, also love. These hands they entered the place they made. They broke bread and ate with those they created. These hands, they touched the mess no one else would. These hands wanted restoration, sight, and freedom. These hands were willing to bring healing to others at their very own expense. These hands they were nailed onto a cross, the right stretched out onto a beam and the left. These hands said and say over and over again, “I made you.I love you. I’ll hold you, sustain you, and walk alongside you. I’ll heal you. Whoever stole your value. I will give it back. I will take all the pain, all the sin, all the wounds so that you will always know just how valued and cared for you are. The same hands that made you, save you and promise to keep being all that you need.

Written and compiled by Willow Weston for Collide.

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