Summer Highlight Series: The Human Experience: A Conversation on Grief, Joy, Death, and Life with Nicki Lang

Artist Nicki Lang Headshot

Listen in on this Summer Highlight Series gem as Nicki Lang shares about loss and love and how to use the creative process to heal. Nicki is a talented artist, musician, and writer. She frequently deals with grief and its relationship with faith. During our conversation, Nicki shared her insights on how to be courageous when sharing your creative work with the world, how to cope with the loss of loved ones, and the importance of maintaining connections with those you’ve lost.

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you.  Enjoy!

Connect with Nicki on her website

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Collide Resources

  • Our Personal and Powerful Bible study reminds us that God is able to intersect with our lives in both personal and powerful ways.
  • Our 6 Places to Go Looking for God guide will help you look for, find, and experience God, and we’re confident that by using it, you will be refreshed in your faith, challenged to grow in your relationship with God, and experience God’s presence in new and life-giving ways.
  • The Insight Journal is a free tool to help you pause and take stock of all that you’ve been through, all that you’ve learned, all that you want to leave behind, and reflect on lessons learned in hard times to take with you on the journey ahead.

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