Personal and Powerful

Does life sometimes feel impersonal? With all of our profiles, passwords, selfies, and computerized customer service, we can easily feel that we are “known” without really being known. We often wonder if God really sees what is going on in our lives. Is He capable of answering our prayers? Will He actually stop for us? This beautifully designed, colorful,12-part Bible study explores the way Jesus collided with two individuals in Mark 5:21-43 and reminds us that God is able to intersect with our lives in both personal and powerful ways. While on His way to heal a dying 12-year old girl, Jesus stops for one woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve long years, a woman who dared to believe a new outcome was possible for her if she would simply reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. Jesus is not content to solely allow His power to heal this woman, He wants to know her. And, He wants to know you too. As you engage Scripture, read personal stories, and reflect on questions that invite you to new places, you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired by this study.

A Leader Guide is included at the end of this study with extra content to help you lead a 12-week long group study. Each section was created to help your group dig deeper into the study with guided discussions, activities and reflection.

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