Summer Highlight Series: Healing After Trauma is Possible with Counselor Carma Roetcisoender

mental health counselor carma speaks about trauma

We are recasting this episode this summer because we think it’s that good. So check it out! Carma Roetcisoender is a licensed mental health counselor whose primary focus and passion has been in helping survivors of sex trafficking find new hope and life through individual and group therapy. She loves helping vulnerable children and adults who have experienced poverty, homelessness, sexual and physical violence, and trauma as well as helping people with life transitions, grief and loss, and career changes. Talk about an amazing counselor. In this episode, Carma talks about the complexities of trauma, and reminds us that healing is possible.

As promised, here are the resources we mentioned in the podcast. We hope you love them as much as we do.

More Collide Resources:

  • Our Personal and Powerful Bible study reminds us that God is able to intersect with our lives in both personal and powerful ways.
  • The Counseling Bundle is a tremendous online course covering the 12 most common issues women face in counseling featuring tips, tools, and advice from mental health professionals. This course is a great fit for anyone considering whether counseling is for them, or as an option to begin the healing process while waiting to see a counselor.
  • There is great power that comes from recognizing the lies we believe about ourselves. Healing starts there. We’ve created a free downloadable exercise, Overcoming the Lies You Believe About Yourself, to help you truly think about the statements you’re believing that are untrue about yourself and God. This resource helps you move from recognizing lies to claiming truths.
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