Overcoming the Lies You Believe About Yourself: An Exercise to Replace Lies with Truth

We have become collectors of lies – not only the lies we tell ourselves, but the lies we have heard from others that we have chosen to believe. We carry these lies around and we let them hold us back and keep us stuck. We tell ourselves we won’t rise out of the mess, we won’t conquer our dreams, we won’t overcome. Not only do these lies mess with our lives, but God has for us truth and that truth will help us rise out of negativity and self doubt, name calling and insecurity so that we can live our very best lives.

Here at Collide, we believe there is great power that comes from recognizing the lies we believe about ourselves. Healing starts there. So we’ve created a FREE downloadable exercise to help you truly think about the statements you’re believing that are untrue about yourself and God. This resource helps you move from recognizing lies to claiming truths. And when you do, what won’t you be able to do?!

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