Summer Highlight Series: A Real Life Miracle Story with Abbie Wentzel

family holding baby

Need to hear a real-life miracle this summer? Here’s your chance. This episode of The Collide Podcast tells the story of an incredible miracle. Abbie Wentzel is the amazing woman and mother who went through what seems like an impossible experience with an astounding amount of faith and grace, and we’re thrilled to share her story because she has experienced a real live miracle and we are so encouraged that God is alive and well, powerful and loving and good, we know that Abbie’s story will encourage you with that truth, too. You can watch a video about Abbie and her family’s story here.

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

More Collide Resources:

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  • The  Insight Journal is a free tool to help you pause and take stock of all that you’ve been through, all that you’ve learned, all that you want to leave behind, and reflect on lessons learned in hard times to take with you on the journey ahead.
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