Reflections on Regret, Lies, Fear, and Time with Willow Weston

Reflections on Regret, Lies, Fear, and Time with Willow Weston

Needing some wisdom, insight, and encouragement? Having some regrets? feeling like you’re steeped in negative self-belief? How much power is fear holding in your life right now? Are you numbering your days? These are the kinds of big things Willow Weston, the Founder of Collide reflects on in this episode. Get out a journal and a pen and allow God to meet you in this life-changing reflection time.

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

Our Yes, You Bible study on self-worth encourages women to see beyond their inadequacies so they can be purposed to their fullest potential.

As women we often get stuck believing lies, settling for less than we deserve, and shrinking back rather than owning who we can become. We get stuck assuming things about God and about others. Our FREE downloadable, Getting Unstuck, A Reflection to Help Unleash you into the Life you Desire is chocked full of tools and insights to help you recognize why you might be stuck and to help walk you toward freedom.

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