From Shame to Service: One Man’s Story of the Power of a Collision with Jesus with Gabe Chartier

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Do you need to be encouraged that God can show up right smack dab in the middle of your pain and shame and not only heal and free you but use your story to help others? That’s this man’s story right here. Gabe Chartier shares how his heart of service developed from his painful past and his powerful collision with Jesus. God can not only show up in the hardest of places, but He can use those chapters to help people in their hard places. Take a listen to this episode and be blessed.

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

Connect with Gabe on his website.

More Collide Resources:

  • Our Personal and Powerful Bible study reminds us that God is able to intersect with our lives in both personal and powerful ways.
  • The Counseling Bundle is a tremendous online course covering the 12 most common issues women face in counseling featuring tips, tools, and advice from mental health professionals. This course is a great fit for anyone considering whether counseling is for them, or as an option to begin the healing process while waiting to see a counselor.
  • There is great power that comes from recognizing the lies we believe about ourselves. Healing starts there. We’ve created a free downloadable exercise, Overcoming the Lies You Believe About Yourself to help you truly think about the statements you’re believing that are untrue about yourself and God. This resource helps you move from recognizing lies to claiming truths.
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  • Micah Chartier says:

    I am also not normal. Every time I hear the word collision I think:

    If particle G hits particle J what is the resultant vector.

    I love this.