A Voice Singing into Mental Health with Allison Eide

Allison Eide, a singer-songwriter from Minnesota, has gained acclaim with her single “Love Who I Am” reaching over 1.3 million listeners worldwide. With her soulful voice and insightful lyrics, Allison’s music brings joy and healing. As the founder of Moment Ministries, she empowers young women to discover their Christ-centered identity.

In this episode, we spoke with Allison about her viral song addressing mental health struggles and its significant impact, particularly among teenagers. Our conversation sheds light on the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues, drawing from her own experiences to bring freedom to those struggling. We delved into the reasons behind its popularity, discussed the broader mental health challenges faced by her generation, and explored how God uses Allison to speak about these issues despite her own struggles. Through her music and personal journey, Allison is making a profound impact on the lives of young people, offering hope and understanding in the midst of their struggles.

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

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Collide Resources

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  • The Counseling Bundle is a tremendous online course covering the 12 most common issues women face in counseling featuring tips, tools, and advice from mental health professionals. This course is a great fit for anyone considering whether counseling is for them, or as an option to begin the healing process while waiting to see a counselor

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