When God Writes Our Story Differently That We Hoped For with Tera Bradham DeNeui

Tera Bradham Deneui photo

Make sure and hop on this episode where Tera Bradham DeNeui shares her difficult story of her Olympic dreams being stripped and coming to a place where she had to begin to allow God to rewrite her dreams. In this episode, Tera who is a Christian speaker, the host of The Heal Podcast, and author of the book Swimming For Freedom invites us into her real journey of terrible chronic pain and suffering and the deeply spiritual wisdom and victorious freedom that came out of her suffering. She tackles the hard stuff in this interview including, “What do we do when we feel like God is writing a story that is different from the one we wanted?” This episode will challenge you as much as it will infuse you with hope!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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