Rise and Go: The Recap


Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about our day of events for women is the vast diversity of who gathers together to collide with Jesus. It strikes me almost every time. We have 75 year old women who have survived the Alabama civil rights movement sitting with 18 year olds who are getting to vote in their first election



We have women who have been widowed leading worship beautifully for women who are celebrating being newly engaged.


We have Baptists learning from Lutherans and Presbyterians sharing with Pentecostals and Catholics greeting Methodists and Episcopalians laughing alongside Evangelicals and people who want nothing to do with God, flooding the doors to spend a day with Jesus.


We have mothers on dates with daughters and grandmas on dates with granddaughters. We have people who walk in full of hope sitting right next to women who are knee deep in need of the same hope and they are handing each other kleenex. We have women who have more doubt than faith colliding with women who are sharing stories of faith born out of trials and tribulation and victory on the other side. I just love seeing all of these women come and center around one thing and that is Jesus.



It is hard to convey the experience that happens in a day long conversation centering around Christ and a collision He has with someone. What I do know is at the same time we watch Jesus collide with someone in the New Testament, all of the women present, with their vast differences find a common unity and that is, they too are colliding with Christ and His beauty. I am consistently blown away by what God can do if He gets His daughters to set aside even a few hours to spend time basking in who He is and what He can do with their lives.


We had women choose for the very first time to give Jesus their whole lives, surrendering their plans and dreams for His bigger and better plans and dreams. I remember that day for me and it was the most significant day of my life, though I had no idea at the time how that decision would change my trajectory. I look forward with such anticipation to see women’s trajectories change after choosing to hand their lives over to God. These decisions change families, marriages, addictions, callings, self esteems, dysfunctional family patterns and because of that, these decisions change the world.


We had more women than we know what to do with sign up to get counseling through our counseling program. We had 55 year olds sign up to have mentors because it’s never too late to be intentional about growing spiritually and we had 40 year old busy moms commit to giving what little time they have to invest in women younger than themselves in order to make an impact in this world. My inbox now starts to get flooded with the conversations God had with women and the transformation that took place.



At this event we centered around Luke 17 where Jesus collided with ten lepers. I won’t talk about that now, but follow along in the next week or so as I blog some of the message that was shared at this event! To see more pictures, like our Facebook page and you can see all of the event photos! To register for our next day for women, get your tickets here. Keep colliding people, at each collision with Jesus, we are never left the same!

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