A Gift that Lasts

A Gift that Lasts

Last year, we opened an investment account that started with a small donation that came out of our Leverage Your Life campaign (you can read more about that here) that we launched at our Out of Hiding Event in 2019.

At that event, we reminded every single women who attended that they all have gifts that can be leveraged to bless others and change lives. We saw women using those gifts in big, small, unexpected, ordinary, incredible, impactful, sacrificial ways. You’ve got to check out this video. The women who donated a small sum of money to start this investment account wanted to plant a financial seed into the future so that we’d be able to continue to bless women in the years to come through our ministry. Her hope is that more women would be interested in investing in Collide to grow deep financially stable roots.

This investment account is a unique way for us to diversify the ways we fundraise. This account will accept stocks, bonds and cash donations for investment. It is a tool to help people with planned & legacy giving to receive tax breaks as well as support the vision Collide has for the future including the sustainability of relevant programs. We work with a local investment professional to provide these planned giving options. If you want more information email info@wecollide.net and we’ll get you in touch with right person to answer any questions. We are grateful for your interest in supporting our ministry and the desire to be a part of sustaining our work for years to come. Your gift will help countless women continue to find hope and healing as they collide with Jesus.

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