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Pain Can Be a Gift

Pain shows our need for mercy which walks us into collisions with Jesus.

The pain of discipline benefits us.

Affliction brings about obedience.

Trials produce maturity.

Troubles develop perseverance, character, and hope.

Hard times help us comfort others because we have been comforted.

Suffering creates dependence on God.

God will take pain and work it for good.

Power is made perfect in weakness and pain.

While wasting away outwardly, we can be renewed inwardly at the very same time.

We are refined by affliction.

A storm helps you know what your house is built on.

Pain causes people to cry out for God’s rescue.

Pain keeps us from pride.

Pain can be used to shout God’s good news.

Suffering causes you to resonate with Christ, and Christ with you.

Written by Willow Weston for Collide.

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