Collide’s Best Resources for Your Most Important Relationships: Marriage, Parenthood, Friendship, and Self-love

Whether you dread the cheesiness or go all out on craft paper hearts + chocolate galore, the month of February is a chance to celebrate the many kinds of love we all have in our lives, from friendship, to motherhood, to marriage. Check out Collide’s BEST resources for all of these relationships (and more!) below.


As women, we can sometimes get caught up in loving on everyone but ourselves. But anyone who’s experienced burn-out can tell you that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and caring for your own mental health and wholeness is just as important as loving those around you. For a little dose of self-love, check out this blog post about caring for yourself, and this podcast about being mindful and intentional about taking initiative in your mental health.


Relationships with other women can be some of the most sacred of our lives. Women uplift, encourage, challenge, and support one another through life’s tumultuous seasons and joyful moments. Friendship is so necessary and life-giving. But that doesn’t mean it’s without challenges. As adults sometimes it can be difficult to make new friendships, or go deeper in the ones you do have. For help on cultivating courageous and vulnerable friendships, listen to advice from one of Collide’s most trusted therapists on our podcast. For tips on navigating being a good friend when your loved one is going through a particularly tough time, check out this blog post about what is truly helpful when offering a listening ear doesn’t feel like quite enough. And this is a favorite blog post about the virtue of loyalty.


This is the relationship that, for most, brings both the highest highs and lowest lows. Lifelong commitment means your spouse sees you in many different states – triumphant, disappointed, sick, joyful, impatient, generous, angry, etc. – and vice versa. Knowing and being known that deeply causes an array of emotions, and the overall truth of marriage is that it’s incredibly beautiful (even if it is, indeed, incredibly challenging as well). We’ve collaborated with all kinds of experts to create resources to inspire and encourage you in every season of marriage. Listen to this podcast about reclaiming your marriage after infidelity, this one about unspoken rules, or this episode about finding freedom from porn addiction. Or if you’re in the mood to read, check out this blog post by Collide’s Founder and Director Willow Weston on the 5 Things She’s Learned About Marriage.


If you’re a mom, then you know the immense heart and soul that goes into raising your littles (even as they get big!). For an inspirational watch, tune in to this video about intentional mama moves you can make right now to bind and strengthen your family, no matter what season you’re in.

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