Intentional Mama Moves You Can Make Now

Right now if you’re a Mom you’re trying to rock being not ONLY a Mom, but also a teacher, a coach, a counselor, a tutor, a dance instructor, a chef, and a nurse. I mean, what AREN’T you trying to pull off right now?!

Moms have a big job every day, but during this particularly chaotic and difficult time, our responsibilities have increased even more. That’s why Collide’s Founder and Director Willow Weston put together 6 Intentional Mama Moves you can make today to be intentional in your parenting as you face all these new challenges. During this crisis, it’s so easy to get caught up with our “adult” responsibilities and feel lost as to how to do the important work of leading and grounding our children during this time of transition and trial.

So consider this your permission to take a moment, a breath, and a listen at the thoughts Willow’s sharing of ways you can calmly and confidently take on a tricky time with grace and intention so that you may point your children to faith, rather than fear – and hopefully find some for yourself, too.

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