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5 Reasons Why We are Excited to Publish our Own Bible Studies!

On May 4th, at our next event, on our online store, and on Amazon, we will be releasing and revealing our very first published bible study! You can hold it in your hands and read and study. You can take notes in it, doodle, ponder, and reflect. You can be challenged, inspired and transformed! And we are excited about this for 5 reasons…

1. This is a dream that is becoming a reality and a reality that’s becoming a dream.

For over twenty years now, I have been writing talks and messages, sermons, blogs and bible studies, and now I get to see a dream become a reality. All this study and research, wrestling and prayers, stories and reflection are coming together in a way that can continue to bless and impact people beyond an event, a retreat, or a Sunday service. Years ago, Jesus collided with my broken, messy, wounded life and changed me and then He did something crazy, He called me, as unlikely as it seemed, to be a messenger on His behalf. I’ve been leaning into that call for decades and now it’s time to share the message in a broader way that travels beyond a one-time event. I have known for years that this dream was coming, but now it has become a reality due to the Lord’s provision of an amazing team who helped make it possible, and truly, this reality feels like a dream.

2. Colliding changes lives and there’s nothing better than changed lives!

Collide was birthed out of a bible study made up of about twenty college-aged girls who used to gather in my living room and look at the life of Jesus together. God has taken that lil’ ol’ bible study and grown it into a ministry that now impacts thousands of lives a year. The who, the where, and the what has changed and morphed over the years, but the thing that has remained the same is what we center around. We center around Jesus Christ colliding with people and as He does, we too, collide with Him. And when someone collides with Jesus they are never the same. We have seen it countless times.

Women who lost their desire to live collided with Jesus and found a purpose that pulled the out of their hopelessness into great hope. Women who have never known a Father found Him when they collided with His Son, who so beautifully points the mad love of this Dad. Women who struggle incessantly with never feeling enough collide with Jesus and their feelings of inadequacy fade into the distance in comparison to the adequacy of this beautiful God.

You can’t stay the same when you collide with Jesus. He changes, guides, directs, heals, restores, comforts, counsels, forgives and releases. We can’t wait to see what God can do when more and more people collide with Jesus through our bible studies!

3. God uses what we have so we wait expectantly!

One thing I have seen to be true, both in my own life and in this ministry, is that God uses what we have. And what we as Collide have, is years of content, curriculum, stories, prayers, art, illustrations, reflection questions and study that we have already seen God use to change lives. So why not keep sharing it? God can use what we have to continue to do amazing things in this world- so let’s see    what He does as we step out on faith!

4. We desire this ministry to travel where you are!

As our events have grown, we now have women renting vans and piling in them to travel up to Bellingham, Washington. We have women from Montana and women from Oregon asking about us. We have women driving up from Seattle, Mount Vernon, Puyallup, Portland, Port Townsend, Bainbridge Island, Yakima, and Spokane coming to Collide. So why not go to them?! We love that we can lean into what God can do with what we have by creating opportunities to collide with Jesus wherever women live and do life! We have a vision that this Bible study project, where we plan to publish several times a year, has the great potential to travel to places we will never be able to go.

We can’t wait to see what God can do!

5. You’ve asked!

So many of you have asked. You have asked for videos, podcasts, manuscripts, studies, resources and more. So here you have it. We hear you. We hear that you want to keep colliding with Jesus. You want to grow and be challenged. You want to be inspired and you want your spiritual life to be awakened. And you want your friends and family to collide too. So, since you asked, and we love you so very much, we worked our booties off and are very proud of what we will be able to hand you on May 4th. May it be used to bless and impact your life and those you love.

We are excited, prayerful, stepping out on faith, feeling a little vulnerable and courageous, all at once. And we are expecting this amazing God who has already done amazing things beyond what we could have ever imagined to do just that with this new project! So be on the lookout, come to our next event and get your copy, or go to our store on May 4th and get your copy. Share it with your cousin and your sister, your college roomie and your best friend.

We are pretty sure you’ll be glad you did! – Willow

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