You Too?

Women cannot be put in a box. We are not one of the same. We all have differing personalities, opinions, experiences, beliefs, senses of humor, dreams and motivations. But in all my work with women, the one thing I continue to see that we all have in common is that we desire to do amazing things with our lives. We want our lives to count. We want to make an impact. We want to make this world a better place. And in this great desire so often we face obstacles, fears and insecurities that hold us back from doing the amazing things we were meant to do! 

I remember years ago feeling the nudge as a business major about to graduate to completely turn in an entirely other direction than planned and go into ministry. I knew God was calling me to do this, but then when I was given the opportunity that really felt like a curse to preach, I ran for the hills. I was convinced that there was NO WAY this side of Heaven that I could have anything to say about God that would do anyone any good. And so I ran from a pastoral internship opportunity because I was convinced I didn’t have what it took.

My insecurity and fear got the best of me. Do you ever let yours get the best of you? Do you have big dreams for your life, but often let negative self beliefs and small minded thinking keep you from saying yes to the big waiting for you? If you do, you are not alone. There’s a whole host of women right here with you. We feel this deep desire inside of us but keep battling the mental game that likes to lie and tell us we don’t have what it takes.

So here’s the deal friends. The Lord turned me right around over 20 years ago and marched me right back into that big opportunity. He called me to trust Him and what He could do despite what I believed about myself. And it was when I began to believe He could do big things in my life, that I actually got to start seeing big things take place. And yes, I still battle fear and insecurity. But let’s not succumb to fighting the battle because it’s always here. Let’s fight it and come out winning. 

We created an amazing FREE gift for you because we here at Collide believe in you so much. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that God has a calling, a destiny and greatness waiting for you. So we decided since we’re in this together, to create a guide called 5 Exercises to Help You Do Amazing Things that helps you move from fear and insecurity, to instead, a place of confidence and courage. So, grab your free download and then join the movement of a bunch of beautiful women who are believing upon God to use them to impact the world.

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