Last Saturday, around 200 women gathered in one room and we spent the day being quite real and raw about wounds. We learned that wounds, if not healed continue to wound and wound and wound. It was incredible to see God’s Spirit begin to help women open up and recognize how their wounds are still bleeding, getting infections and are toxic.

It is in naming our wounds that we can begin to seek healing. In the way that only Jesus can, He collided with us and women were changed and made more whole!

I came across this quote in a book.

Jesus clearly values and loves women. If for some reason you have heard otherwise, think again. You can see His collisions in the New Testament were often with women. He ran into them because He cares about women and values their lives. Collide this past weekend was a living example of that!

Jesus met women! It was a beautiful day of stortelling, prayer, reflection, self- analysis, community and support, faith challenges and collisions with the only One who can heal us all.


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