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Wise Words from a Budding Principal

So last night as I tucked my son into bed and as his limbs calmed down, so then did his heart and mind. This is my favorite time of day because when his body stops moving, which is a rarity, his mouth starts moving, talking, telling stories. It seems like every mom is trying to suck some tale out of their kids day besides words like “fine” and answers like “recess sucked” or “the galaxy pizza was awesome.” As a mom, you are desiring for the real stuff and when you get it, it’s like putting a quarter in the slot machine and Jackpot!

Aidan laid there last night and began cascading story. He said “I did something today I probably shouldn’t have.” It is this kind of opening statement that makes you wonder if finally your kid’s inner hellion came out to play at school. I said “What did you do?’ He hesitated and was being shy about telling me, which made me all the more nervous. He said he was in the principals office. It was then that I thought this really is bad! But then Aidan reminded me he was in there because he was going to be principal of the day and they had to discuss his plans.

Aidan’s name had been drawn out of a hat of names and for some crazy reason he won! This happens once a year at our school and the kid who gets to be principal of the day gets to shape what the day will look like. So Aidan sits across from the actual principal and suggests his dream day. It included everyone wearing sports jerseys, hats, chewing bubble gum, and watching the Guinness Book of World Records movie as an entire school. He was rather proud of these choices and thought they were way better than PJ’s and free choice in classes, which in his words, were the usual requests.

As Aidan and his principal shaped this epic day for elementary school kids, a younger boy came into the office because he got in trouble on the playground. As that boy walked in, Aidan walked out. He looked at his principal and said “Is there anything else I need to do?” Apparently she looked at the naughty kid and asked him if he wanted to be a good boy like Aidan and the boy responded favorably. Then she said to Aidan, “Would you like to give this boy advice on how to stay out of trouble on the playground?” This was his first assignment at trying out being principal! What would he say….. I wondered!!!

Aidan looked at that boy and quoted anall too familiar line we have used in our home that finds its roots in the Bible. He said “Flee from temptation. If you sense you are going to do something bad or get into trouble- run! “ Aidan quoted scripture that I have quoted him most his life. Flee. Run. And might I remind you, he hasn’t heard these ancient words because his life has been trouble free. Now for some reason my son who is in fifth grade was given this opportunity to be a leader in his school and he walks out of the principals office leaving a young kid in trouble with spiritual wisdom! I love it!

Aidan was worried that he shouldn’t have spoken scripture in his principals office to this kid because he said “It’s school and everything.” And I looked at this kid who wants the entire school to wear sports jerseys and said “Are you kidding me? That is is like 100 touchdowns in my book!” Aidan responded, “No Mom, it’s maybe, like one touchdown.”   Sweet! My kid scored 7 points at school today! I prayed for Aidan last night as I always do. I prayed that God will use Him as a leader to do amazing things in this world. If that boy can be so bold as to when put on the spot as a budding principal- point people to Light of the World, then there will be a lot more days where everyone gets to chew bubble gum, wear hats and run sprints from temptation right into what is good. My hope is that we can not only listen to Principal Weston’s advice, but more, that we can be inspired to boldly make the most of every opportunity we have been given!

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