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Who We Are and Who We Aren’t

We wish we could sit down over a cup of coffee to hear your life story, share a few laughs, and get to know each other on a cozy couch here in our office. We’ll hold on to hope that someday that will be the reality, but until then, allow us to introduce ourselves virtually! We’re thrilled you’re here looking for ways to collide with Jesus on our site and we want you to know who the collide community is made up of.

We are everyday women running into Jesus.

We have indigestion, PMS, anxiety, and bad hair days. We work jobs, serve on PTA boards, sit on church committees, coach sports and attempt to bless our neighbors. We have different skin colors, generational experiences, faith backgrounds and economic status’. We like Cheetos and red wine, candles, a good book and a walk on the beach. We get insecure and let fear get in our way sometimes. We are your neighbors, your friends, your everyday women.

We are not Bible scholars.

We have not been to Seminary. We don’t have a lot of letters after our name. We don’t speak Hebrew or Greek. We are not all that impressive in “religious” circles. We merely just desire God and are mesmerized by Jesus.

We are still in the midst of our story.

What we think, feel, or believe might transform, morph, or reconstruct as God continues to collide with us. Who we are now and who we are becoming leaves room for us to be in process, to seek, to ask questions and to be God’s kids.

We don’t have all the answers.

We don’t think we can solve age old theological debates nor current hot button arguments. All we know for sure is that God loves us and He shows just how much He loves us in Jesus Christ. We don’t feel the pressure to provide you with all the answers, formulas or a specified spiritual ‘track” that someone else said we needed to subscribe to. Let’s not box God in or out. Let’s just collide with Jesus and see what He will do.

We are broken.

We have been abused, used, betrayed, judged, manipulated, beat down and lied to. We have skeletons in the closet, a long list of mistakes, shady pasts, paralytic fear and deep seated bitterness we struggle with. We will not pretend we are someone we aren’t and we won’t ask you to either.

We aren’t afraid to engage our brokenness or yours.

We know that the pain we have experienced can easily walk into all of our collisions and we want more than that for our lives. We want to see our wounds find their Healer. We want to see our pain experience redemption. We want to see our brokenness be used for good. We know there’s no other way around pain other than to allow Jesus to meet us in it. So we sit in discomfort, we remember, we grieve, we cry, we forgive, and we get angry. But we don’t avoid our pain or yours. It is actually in the midst of pain and brokenness that God does His greatest work.

We hope you find a home and a community here with us as we seek and collide with Jesus, together.

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