How to Build Health into Blended Families with Mike and Kim Anderson

couple standing together and smiling

This episode gives so much practical advice, strategies, and tools for blended families. You will walk away with a renewed sense of hope that building health into your blended family is not only possible, it’s do-able! Mike and Kim Anderson are the founders of Mike and Kim Coaching and the host of the Blended Family Coaching Show. Hop on, hear their story, and learn how to weave health into your home!

We love connecting you with resources, so we pulled some of our faves based on this podcast episode. We hope they encourage, inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

Collide Resources:

  • Our Birds and Lilies Bible study for anxiety seeks to counter what some are calling “anxiety culture,” a phenomenon that impacts women across the world.
  • The Counseling Bundle is a tremendous online course covering the 12 most common issues women face in counseling featuring tips, tools, and advice from mental health professionals. This course is a great fit for anyone considering whether counseling is for them, or as an option to begin the healing process while waiting to see a counselor.
  • The Insight Journal is a free digital tool to help you pause and take stock of all that you’ve been through, all that you’ve learned, all that you want to leave behind, and reflect on lessons learned in hard times to take with you on the journey ahead.
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