15 Hindrances That Could Keep You From Being a World-Changer

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We’re turning up the heat in this episode! In order to be a world changer, you need to actually change things – even when it’s never been done before. In order to be a servant-leader, you have to actually serve others – even when it requires great sacrifice from you. From laziness to insecurity to overcommitment, many things can keep us from being world changers and living out our intentions to live in a loving and selfless way. In this episode, Willow walks us through 15 hindrances that could get in the way of being the purpose-driven women we’re called to be.

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  • Rhonda Austing says:

    In listening to Willow I realized that I have hinderances that I hadn’t realized. As I am deciding whether to retire from teaching, it gave me many things to think about as seek what God may want me to do next.