Our Next Day for Women is Coming!

Our Next Day for Women is Coming!

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We are so very excited for our next day for women coming up! We are centering around John 5 and looking at this idea of getting Unstuck! So often we haven’t moved in so long. We have dreams, plans, hopes and goals and yet seeing them come about often seems impossible. We often get stuck in negative mindsets and attitudes. We get stuck in bad habits. We get stuck in perspectives that are limiting. We get stuck in relationships that are unhealthy and patterns of relating that seem to be the cause. We get stuck letting fear boss us around. Yet we have a God who wants so much more for us than to stay at a standstill and not see progress or growth. We have a God who wants to see us get out of our ruts and live our very best lives! Because of that, we want to spend a day colliding with Jesus and getting unstuck!

We have so many things in store! Our team is working creatively and diligently to bless women in ways that will meet hundreds of diverse women with diverse stories right where they find themselves. We are praying, we are building, we are sewing, we are cooking, we are shopping, we are studying, we are designing. Why do we do all this? Because we believe in the message God has given us and we believe women’s lives matter!

If you want to hear a woman’s experience of Collide, read this….

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To see pictures from our last day for women, click here...

We look forward to seeing you at Collide, ladies. To register, click here.



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