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Our New Place called Home

We are so very excited to announce the provision of our new home at 1416 North State Street, Bellingham Washington 98225! It has been such a cool story of God’s guidance and blessing for our work and ministry! (if you want to hear the details about this story- you can catch it on our podcast)

We were busting at the seams in our old space and had been looking for a larger space but couldn’t afford it and now this new building will make it possible for us to do so much more!

We see this new home as a place where…

…women can come to collide with Jesus in their pain. Women of all ages and faith places can come here and get help and refuge, prayer and counsel. We love that women who feel anxious or at their bottom or in need of counsel, resources, advice or being lifted up to God- know that they can show up at our door, and they are always welcome. I love that women know and will grow to know that we will meet them right where they are at and walk them towards help and wholeness.

women can come to intentionally grow and take next steps in their faith. This new address makes it possible for us to host classes and we are so excited about that! In fact, we had our first class where 50 women came to be taught by 4 counselors. We have hosted so many classes over the years from “Dealing with Baggage in Relationships” to “How to know if you or Someone you Love Needs Help and How to Get Help.” We can’t wait to do more of just that right here in our own place: classes, workshops, in-house weekly Bible studies and retreats can all be hosted right under our own roof!

…women can come to fulfill their longing for meaning and purpose. We now have room for our Volunteer Ministry Team to have their planning meetings and their team care groups and the Make-It parties for events. We have little pockets in this building where women can come and craft Bible studies and write dramas, they can meet to plan the food and hospitality or create beautiful things to bless women for an event. Over the course of a year we have hundreds of volunteers and now we can meet them, equip them, plan and prepare with them in our own space. We love to see women using their gifts and talents, tapping into God’s full potential for their lives and then turning around and using that to change other women’s lives! And now they can do all that here!

…women can get to work, meaningful work in order to change lives. We now have plenty of room for staff to plan, create, dream, envision, strategize and prepare. We have room to record our podcasts and meet with women one on one. We have space to network with counselors and equip mentors. Meaningful work will happen here every day and we love that as God continues to call us to more and more work in women’s lives, He too, is providing along the way what we need to do it!

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