Kaleidoscope: the Crucifixion as viewed by Mary Magdalene

We asked a myriad of voices to with engage the crucifixion as if they were one of the characters present and write from that perspective. We gathered last week for an amazing collective of perspectives that ranged from a diverse, colorful, eclectic group of people gazing at the cross. We will post each character and their angle as we approach Easter. Enjoy!

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My first name is a common one in the bible, I am Mary; the one from Magdala, a thriving and populous town on the coast of Galilee. I am the one who scripture refers to as having seven devils. In fact, there has been much controversy about me over the years. While a pure person at heart, I was truly afflicted before meeting Jesus. Demonic bondage took over my mind, leading to complete mental instability. Thanks to God, the cause of that heavy burden met its Master in Him who came to destroy evil spirits.

I am devoted to God beyond measure. When Jesus met me, he saw my heart for what it is. He knew that I would be a devout follower of Him and fine leader of others. He performed a miracle in me. Just as the lake calms at His voice, my mind went from chaos to tranquil.

I left my home in Magdala to follow Jesus. I led other women and gave the most I could to the journey. In fact, I was there on Jesus’ last journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. I was there at the mock trial. While some scattered and walked away from Him, I did not hesitate to remain with Him because of all He has done for me.

I have heard, with my own ears, fine religious leaders fighting over the blood of the Messiah I follow. When I heard Pontius Pilate pronounce His death sentence, my heart sank and body crippled. I watched the precious Son of God be spit on and mocked. There were screams from the crowd, shouting to see His death. For me, it was a silent scene, slow in motion. I wept as I saw Jesus be nailed to the cross. I stood as close as I could to hopefully comfort Him. With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last. My eyes shut tight; welled with tears, as I witnessed that soldier thrust his spear into our Savior’s side, declaring Him dead.

Witnessing Jesus’ voluntary crucifixion stopped my heart that day. He chose to be the ultimate sacrifice to fulfill God’s plan. He is merciful, compassionate and kind. His love is to be echoed by all of us.

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