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Dream Without Fences

Carol Beebe is a certified life coach, an educator, and a successful business coach. Standing at the lake’s edge with water lapping over my toes, I anxiously waited for the race gun to go off....

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Do The Thing

Rebecca Dotson George is the founder of the Do The Thing Movement Podcast where listeners are cheered on each week to be faithful in living out their calling to glorify God in a unique way....

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Go North

Anh Johnson is a bi-vocational church planter and pastor of New Legacy in Lynden, Washington. There are a handful of times in my life when I recall hearing the audible voice of God.  The call...

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Owning Your Worth

Jessica Hottle is an author, podcaster, and inspirational speaker who teaches women how to be set free from their past and heal in their bodies. For more information about Jessica, visit her website. I hit...

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