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How to Find and Pay for a Counselor

As much as we may desire and recognize the benefit of counseling, sometimes the “who/what/where/how much” types of questions can get in the way of making that first call. Let us walk you through some of the more practical obstacles so you can be freed up to take steps toward healing and hope!

How do I pay for counseling?

One of the biggest reasons people put off seeking counseling is because they are worried they won’t be able to afford it. Fortunately, there are many options available to help you pay for counseling.

  1. Insurance
    With the increased awareness about the importance of treating mental health, most insurance companies offer a mental health benefit. Call your insurance company’s member services line and ask what your mental health benefits are. (This phone number can usually be found on the back of your insurance card or on your insurance company’s website)
  2. Community Resources
    Most communities have systems put in place to help provide mental health services. It may take some digging on the internet but these services are out there. A good place to start is with your local Department of Social and Health Services.
  3. Work Resources
    Many employers recognize the importance of supporting their employee’s mental health and offer services to help. Ask your employer about employee assistance for mental health or if they offer a peer support program.
  4. Local University:
    Does your local University have a graduate program for Psychology? Check and see if they offer a counseling training clinic. You can help a student train and get some great counseling at the same time. Most counseling is supervised by a licensed professional.
  5. Sliding Scale
    If you don’t have insurance or the counselor you prefer does not accept insurance, ask if they will charge on a sliding scale. Most counselors entered the field because they really want to help people find hope and healing and they are often willing to accept a lower fee so they can continue helping you.
  6. Collide Resources
    If you live in Whatcom County, WA, Collide can help. We have created a wholeness and counseling program in which the thousands of women who come to our gatherings will have the opportunity to say yes to God’s invitation to walk towards wholeness in the midst of brokenness.If you are in need of financial assistance, and you have attended one of our gatherings, Collide can offer you 4 counseling sessions with one of the counselors we partner with for $25 each. Please email us.

Where do I find a counselor?

  1. Collide Resources
    If you live in Whatcom County, WA, please email us at and request our list of trusted mental health counselors.
  2. Insurance
    If your insurance offers mental health services, ask them to send you the list of providers they cover.
  3. Family or friends
    A recommendation from a trusted family member or friend can be one of the greatest resources.
  4. Another therapist
    Do you know a therapist but you don’t want to see them professionally because of your personal relationship? Ask him or her to give you a recommendation for a colleague they trust.
  5. Use the Internet
    There are many reliable websites like or with comprehensive listings of counselors in the US. While some of these sites charge therapists a fee to be listed, most of these services require a minimum level of professional qualifications.

We are passionate about removing barriers for women who feel that counseling is the right next step for them in their journey toward their most whole and thriving selves. If you’ve determined that you would benefit from seeing a therapist, our encouragement to you is to explore the resources from your community, online, and right here on our Collide website to get the answers you need to take the first step.


This post was written for informational use only and is not intended to replace advice from a licensed mental health professional.

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