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Devotion: Watch Me

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to choose what to read out of your whole big Bible. Sometimes it’s intimidating knowing how to spend your quiet time with God when there are no prompts or guidelines. That’s why Collide’s Next Steps Coordinator, Michelle Holladay, wrote a devotion for every single week this year – so you can take the guesswork out of your devotional time and relax into prayer and reading. Join us on the blog each week for a new devotion.

Read – Psalm 121

 If you spend time at any park, you will hear kids yell out, “Mom, watch me!” Do you remember doing that as a kid? Wasn’t it great when Mom stopped what she was doing to see whatever amazing skill you had mastered? It made you feel important, it made you feel special, it made you feel loved, and it made you feel safe. But Mom couldn’t watch you all the time. She had other kids to watch; she had chores to do and sometimes she took you to the park to play so she could sit and talk with her girlfriends. But because God is God, He can watch you ALWAYS.

 What a comfort it is to me to know He is always watching. That means whatever happens in my life is no surprise to Him. He sees it before it happens and He knows exactly how He is going to use it to shape me. If He is right there watching all the time, and because I know He is a loving God, I have to believe all the things that happen in my life, even the things I perceive as harm, must be destined for my ultimate good. After all, what mother would watch her child, see harm headed his way and not do anything in her power to stop it, unless, she believed her child might actually learn something and grow by allowing him to deal with whatever it was she saw coming. 

If our parents care for us this much, how much more does God care for us?

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