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August Favorites: Savoring The Best of Summer

Is it just us, or has this summer been flying by?! Take a second to pause with us and reflect on a few of our favorite things as of late, to help you soak up the last glorious bits of summer. 

An activity: Show Love to Your Neighbors

It’s counterintuitive, but oftentimes the best days are spent serving others. It’s fun AND rewarding to channel your energy into loving the people in your community that you normally don’t interact with very much. Food banks typically lack donations in the summer, but the reality is that they need to be stocked year round! Grab a friend or your kiddos and head to the grocery store to choose some of your favorite (non-perishable) items to drop by your local food bank. If you live near Whatcom County, you can check out their open hours and more information here.

A laugh (and a lesson!): What We Can Gain From Rejection

This hilarious TED talk tells the story of one man’s journey to get rejected as often as possible. What ensues is surprising, inspiring, and heart-warming. Listen in for a good belly laugh and a new perspective on rejection.

A Treat Yo Self Moment: The Sweetest Notecards

A handwritten note is one of the simplest and sweetest ways to brighten someone’s day. You’ll love breaking out these exclusively designed cards to gift to friends and family for big occasions, and for no reason at all!

A Meal: Take Advantage of Summer Produce

Farmer’s markets full of fresh and juicy produce is one of the very best things about summer. There’s still a few weeks left to indulge in the freshness of summer meals, so we found a few recipes that are mouth-wateringly sunshine-y.

We hope these recommendations help you savor the last bits of summer. Cheers to colliding with Jesus in every season, and in every little thing. Happy August!

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