Q&A with Bob Goff

Collide Podcast Q&A with Bob Goff

This week on the podcast we are joined by none other than the New York Times best-selling author, devoted husband, fun-loving father, and enthusiastic follower of Jesus, Bob Goff himself! We’re thrilled to share the audio of his Q&A session with Willow from our Always event. Listen in on his answers to questions like:

  • Why he only sings some of the words in worship songs
  • What he would tell his 8 year old self
  • Why he plans to wear a Red Sox baseball cap for the rest of his life, even though he’s not a fan and has never been to a game
  • The one question Bob plans to ask God when he gets to heaven

You’ll get in a few good laughs, but more than anything you’ll walk away from  this conversation inspired and encouraged to love with everything you’ve got and to use the power of your voice and your words to bring more people in on the fun of following Jesus.